Cognitive Insights API™ (Beta)

BMN’s Cognitive Insights API delivers psychological intelligence about users, enabling you to create relevant and engaging applications and online experiences. Drawing on research at MIT Media Lab and other top institutions including U.S. intelligence agencies, the CI suite infers users’ personalities, values, attitudes, interests and lifestyles from user-generated text such as social posts, SMS, emails, blogs, cover letters and more.

How It Works

CI analyzes linguistic markers gathered from permission-based access to your users’ e-mails, text messages, blog posts and other text.

Use Cases

With CI you can create user applications for a variety of use cases. The range of possibilities is only limited by your imagination. Sample application categories include:

Cofounder selection

Teams comprised of people with an optimal combination of personality traits outperform teams with personality patterns that differ from this combination by approximately 80%. Use CI to select people that compliment your personality and power up your team’s creativity.

Marketing and Advertising

Targeted ads command a price premium of 2.7-times that of non-targeted ads. Use CI to infer users’ cognitive biases and target highly relevant ads and offers within your app.

Human Resources

The average cost of replacing a bad hire is 1.5-times the worker's salary and benefits. With CI you can deliver human resources apps that help your customers select people that are a good cognitive fit for their organizations, and thereby reduce the risk of hiring the wrong people.


Use CI to develop matchmaking applications that pair people based on the compatibility of their respective personalities and reasoning patterns.

Content filtering

Match content more effectively by using our innovative CI psychographic profiling. This leads to greater satisfaction of your users and better results for your company.

Get Started

To authorize a user and get started, please visit the REST API Documentation Section 2.1.